Frequently asked questions

How do I place an order?
To discuss a larger project with a sales agent, please call 01273 233349 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a provisional costing. For a fixed quote please upload a sample audio file via the upload form, to receive a detailed quote via email within one working hour.


When do I pay?
Payment is accepted by bank transfer, online card payment or cheque. Organisational invoices are issued upon confirmation of order, payable within 30 days of completion of the work. Past invoices can be viewed online here. Advance payment is sometimes required from private customers unless you have an established account with us.


What security measures are in place to ensure confidentiality?
This site is 128bit SSL secured, and all file transfers are encrypted. We are registered with the Data Protection Act, Z2424167. Only key staff have copy access to data, and all staff are subject to a legally binding NDA, with particularly sensitive material being restricted to senior staff only.


How are transcripts delivered?
By default, transcripts are emailed to your registered billing address via unencrypted email attachment in Word 2003 format. Transcripts are fully editable. Various security measures are available on request. For example, transcripts may be stored and retrieved from your private file area, encrypted and password protected.


How are multiple speakers identified?
A transcript with 'tracked speakers' means that each speaker change is identified by name, or a code unique to that speaker. An un-tracked speaker is identified only by gender or role. Quoted rates are inclusive of speaker tracking for up to three speakers. Additional speakers may attract further charges, depending on the quality of the audio recording.


What quality assurance procedures are in place?
As standard, each and every transcript is spot checked by a dedicated, full-time proof reader, whose sole responsibility is to ensure all transcripts are of a consistent quality. Ambiguous passages are flagged and examined by at least two people. Additional QA measures are available as required. Any required revisions are completed at no extra cost.


Which audio formats are preferred?
Our preferred format for transcription is MP3 or WMA. However all common audio formats are accepted, subject to adequate audio quality. If your files are very large (video files or uncompressed WAV files are too large to make uploading practical) then you might consider compressing the audio using a free software application such as Switch. Alternatively you can post audio files on a USB stick or disc to our Brighton office at UK Transcription, 5 St George's Place, Brighton, BN1 4GA.


What help is available to disabled students?
If you are dyslexic or suffer from a different kind of disability, and are currently a full time, part time or post graduate student in higher education, then you may be eligible to receive a disabled student allowance, a government grant to cover the extra costs which result from studying with a disability. For more information, visit the Government Direct site, which has info on available help for disabled students. The extra funds may be used to purchase computing equipment and digital dictation devices, and in some cases can also be used to acquire transcription services. UKT has unique experience of working with students in receipt of DSA, and can also assist and advise you in preparing for and applying for DSA benefits. Students in receipt of disabled students allowance should contact us for details of special rates and offers on equipment deals. We have a number of graded packages incorporating recording devices, microphones, and inclusive transcription minutes.


How to Order

Use the Quick Drop to place an order in three easy steps:

1. Upload Audio Files
Upload audio to receive a detailed quote within 1 hour.
2. Confirm Deadline

Reply by email instructing us of your preferred deadline.

3. Register or Pay

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